Carbon Pledge

Let's make a pledge in the direction of cleaner and healthier future.

The Octive is always at forefront to support planet conservation. To show the further commitment in a meanigful future, The Octive is offering a straight 5% Off on all purchases (On top of existing discounts) to everyone who make carbon footprint limitation pledge as below (Refer code at the end of the pledge).

1. Food : I will set a goal of reducing the food waste in my home from its current levels. I commit to only buying what I need and eat what I buy.

2. Electricity : I will look into options to switch to renewable energy.

3. Transportation : I commit to reduce fossil fuel impact by walking, using bicycle, carpooling or using public transportation atleast once a week.

4. Smoking : I will reduce amount of cigarettes consumed in a week and eventually try to quit. Leading to healthy lifestyle.

5. Packaging : When out shopping, I will go to stores with reusable bags to carry groceries.

6. Ditch bottled water : I will try to reuse existing water bottles and in-house filtration systems that make tap water an alternative to reduce huge plastic, transportation footprint.

Lastly I will Encourage others to follow the same by setting a positive example by reducing my carbon footprint.

Fill discount code CARBON5 at the time of checkout. Which will automatically make you a Carbon warrior.

Let's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.